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Top Ten Tumblr: Top Ten Intervention (A&E) Episodes


#10 - John C. (Season 6, Episode 4)

As a boy, John was diagnosed with ADHD and was shunned by his classmates for being different. When he developed diabetes, he took good care of himself at first, but later slipped into a depression and began failing to monitor his blood sugar, eating…

Tip of my Tongue: Top 5 Intervention


I have become utterly obsessed with the show Intervention. Basically it takes an addict and shows how the drug has been affecting their lives and their families lives. At the end of the show the family has an intervention for the addict and the show sees if they complete treatment and stay sober….

Atlanta for Paganfest  Lucifer VI Lens, DC Film, RedEye Gel Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

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